Patient Lifting Sling Service and Repair

Lifting slings, also known as patient hoists, are mobility aids used to assist people with their daily lives. Patient slings are designed to provide a comfortable experience for users requiring them. We understand that when a sling sustains damage, it can cause major disruption to quality of life. It is our job to ensure we diagnose and fix any issues immediately. Thanks to our industry experience, we have the ability to repair and service and supply many brands of sling including Silvalea, Oxford and Invacare. 

Slings for Electric Hoists

Electric hoists use innovative technology to provide a safe and comfortable lifting aid for slings. We recommend that hoists undergo regular servicing to ensure they stay safe and ready for use. Regular maintenance ensures that your hoist continues to aid your everyday activities reliably. When a mobility aid becomes faulty, this can add additional stress to the user. In order to prevent this unnecessary stress, our experts can service your electric hoist on a regular basis to reduce the likelihood of issues occurring.

Uses for Lifting Slings

There are many uses for lifting slings, which is why they need to be strong and safe at all times. Many of our customers rely on lifting slings on either a daily or regular basis. Lifting slings are suitable for use both internally and externally. Most commonly the hoists we repair are for showers, baths and other hard to access places. Concerned about the cost of lifting sling servicing? Don’t be. MS Mobility take great pride in offering all of our repair services at affordable and competitive prices.

Contact MS Mobility 

If you require further information regarding our lifting slings repair service, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01392 209905. We can offer professional advice on any queries you may have. A member of our knowledgeable team will arrange a service appointment, at a time that best suits you. We look forward to assisting you with any service we can.